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A Love Before Time

I enjoyed translating into Arabic “A Love Before Time“, the end-credit song from the popular movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The song was nominated for Academy Award for Best Song in 2000 and performed by Coco Lee.

Click on the link below for my Arabic translation:

حب من بداية الزمان

I hope you enjoy it!


Dimi… First Love…

      ..ديمي..حب أول

It has been my pleasure to translate part of the short story, ‘Dimi… First Love…’.

Written by Saudi Arabian author, Dr Muhammad al-Hodif, a well-known writer, whose literary and journalistic work is popular across the Arab world.

A story told within a story; it is a bittersweet tale about Mus’ab’s internal conflict as he tries to deal with his attraction to a non-Muslim girl ‘of extreme beauty’. Here is a quick snippet from my translation:

‘I picked myself up; I was sinking under the weight, not because of the mass of books, which I had jammed into my bag, but because of the pain that I began to feel pressing down on my heart. I had begun a conflict between the head and the heart.’

Click on the link below for the full translation:

Dimi… First Love…

I hope you enjoy the story! 

A Guide To Graffiti in Sakaka!

Graffiti is, of course, a common sight in the West, but what about graffiti in the Middle East? Have you ever wondered what locals in Saudi Arabia feel compelled to spray paint on their walls? Here is just a sample of the kinds of things you’ll find written. These were taken from Sakaka, a small and relatively more conservative city in northern Saudi Arabia, where I have been living for the past 8 and a half months. Click on a thumbnail to open a slideshow of the graffiti with my notes included. I hope you find them interesting!

Graffiti in Sakaka (Photos)

Bas Esma3 Menny – Saria Assoas – ساريه السواس – بس اسمع مني

Layal Abboud – Ahla Zaffah – ليال عبود – أحلى زفة

Haifaa Wahby – Yama Layali – هيفاء وهبى – ياما ليالي

On the road in Jordan, Arabic music blasting!