Memorize Arabic vocabulary like never before…

…and become a walking dictionary with this new and creative system!

What is the Naumann Method?: The Naumann Method is a revolutionary memory technique based on a unique “root context-building system” created by Nigel Naumann, which is designed specifically around the structure of the Arabic language to enable the effective long-term memorization of Arabic vocabulary at an astonishing rate!

What will I learn?: This method enables you to memorize Arabic vocabulary quickly, particularly Arabic verbs, using an enjoyable process that ensures long-term retention and easy recall, and enables you to become a “walking dictionary”.

What makes this method so special?: With this method, designed specifically around the structure of the Arabic language, memorizing Arabic vocabulary needs only as much time as it takes to visualize the word in context, allowing for the permanent memorization of vocabulary at the rate of approximately one word per minute or quicker with practice.

Why is it effective?: The process involved in this memory method makes full use of the brain’s ability to form lasting memories through a creative use of the imagination. Moreover, the process is enjoyable, enhancing its effectiveness and helping maintain interest while learning large amounts of vocabulary.

How did this method come about?: Nigel Naumann came up with the concept for this method as far back as 2010, shortly after completing his degree in Arabic from Durham University, England. Inspired by Tony Buzan’s writing on the memory, the desire to enhance the depth of his Arabic vocabulary motivated him to create a memory method of his own that would take his language learning beyond the plateau that he felt he had reached. He spent the next several years developing this method while living and working in North Africa and the Middle East, where he continued to practice his Arabic. After a great deal of tweaking he finally perfected the method and is very excited to share his creation with you.

How long does it take to learn?: It takes only minutes to become familiar with the method’s concept and process. There are, however, approximately 135 vocabulary items that are needed in order to use the method. Fortunately, these are provided to you, so you can begin using the method straight away. As you practice the method you will quickly become familiar with the vocabulary lists provided and become less dependent on them.

Committing the method’s vocabulary to memory will allow you to achieve your full potential and fastest learning speed. How long this takes will depend on your level of commitment, but also on your current level of Arabic, as you may be familiar with much of the vocabulary already.

Who is this method for?: This method can be utilized by any student of Arabic who is looking to take their Arabic vocabulary learning to the next level.

Requirements: The method requires at least a basic ability to read the Arabic script.

What vocabulary does this method help with?: This method is primarily designed for the memorization of Arabic verbs. This includes verbs of any form, either triliteral or quadriliteral (made up of 3 or 4 root consonants). This method can also be adapted, however, to memorize other kinds of words.

Why focus on verbs?: This method focuses mainly on verbs because of the key role they play in the structure of Arabic, as the vast majority of words in Arabic are formed by building on the root consonants of verbs.

For example, “ka-ta-ba كتب is the verb “to write” (literally “he wrote”) and other related words are formed by modifying the root consonants. This produces words such as “kitaab” (book), “kaatib” (writer), “maktab” (office; desk), “maktaba” (library), “kitaaba” (writing), “maktoob” (written), and many more. Therefore, knowing the meaning of the verb helps immensely in unlocking the meaning of related words that are created by applying common patterns to the root consonants of the verb.

How do I get started?: For now this revolutionary new method is in the beta stage; if you wish to learn more and to test out the method yourself, please fill out the form below: