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Dimi… First Love…

      ..ديمي..حب أول

It has been my pleasure to translate part of the short story, ‘Dimi… First Love…’.

Written by Saudi Arabian author, Dr Muhammad al-Hodif, a well-known writer, whose literary and journalistic work is popular across the Arab world.

A story told within a story; it is a bittersweet tale about Mus’ab’s internal conflict as he tries to deal with his attraction to a non-Muslim girl ‘of extreme beauty’. Here is a quick snippet from my translation:

‘I picked myself up; I was sinking under the weight, not because of the mass of books, which I had jammed into my bag, but because of the pain that I began to feel pressing down on my heart. I had begun a conflict between the head and the heart.’

Click on the link below for the full translation:

Dimi… First Love…

I hope you enjoy the story!