A Guide To Graffiti in Sakaka!

Graffiti is, of course, a common sight in the West, but what about graffiti in the Middle East? Have you ever wondered what locals in Saudi Arabia feel compelled to spray paint on their walls? Here is just a sample of the kinds of things you’ll find written. These were taken from Sakaka, a small and relatively more conservative city in northern Saudi Arabia, where I have been living for the past 8 and a half months. Click on a thumbnail to open a slideshow of the graffiti with my notes included. I hope you find them interesting!


One response to “A Guide To Graffiti in Sakaka!

  1. Nice blog Nigel 🙂
    May I correct some few translated words?
    غيث in Arabic is an adjective and it means the savior. And Arabs like the analogy, thus they describe rain savior. So abo gahyth is abo savior.

    غازي doesn’t mean gas in here. It means worrier. The word comes from غزوة which is a synonym to war in Arabic. And here it is a an analogy for the courageous person 🙂

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