An example of Arabic script

I first became interested in Arabic during my first year at Durham University while reading a degree in Classics. Although I enjoyed translating Classical texts, as well as reading up on the history and philosophy surrounding them, I came to realise that it wasn’t something that I wanted to do as a career. I decided instead to switch to modern languages, which would open up new opportunities for work and travel all over the world. I was particularly interested in Arabic and the insights it would provide into current events in the Middle East. But also, as someone who has always been interested in theology, I wanted to learn more about Islam and especially how it compares to Christianity. So I began a degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, which included Islamic Studies. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole learning process and look forward to continuing in my studies and improving my language skills. They say the first ten years of Arabic are the hardest!

You can check out some of my translation from Arabic to English by clicking on the link below:

My Translations



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