Ha’il Compound Apartment (Photos)

6 responses to “Ha’il Compound Apartment (Photos)

  1. Looks great Nige! Also when did you get a cat?!

    • Thanks! There are actually tons of cats roaming around on the compound – it was more a case of the cat choosing me… I fed him once and he hasn’t stopped coming back to my place since! I don’t normally allow him to hang out indoors, so these photos are somewhat of an exception! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to cats… 😀

  2. haha nice. It wouldn’t surprise me if you are. Your place looks really great.

  3. Hi Nigel, your apartment looks lovely and so comfortable. I’m glad you have settled in and got such a nice place. Thanks for the photos. Diane.

  4. Hi nigel

    I am planning to work at hail university next month. Can I get your email


  5. Keith Phillips

    Hi Nigel I am coming out to Saudi Arabia in a couple of weeks.
    Do you have any info on how to rent an apartment on the compound?
    I will be working for Saudi Arabia rail.

    Thanks Keith

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