Trip to Tabuk (Photos)

4 responses to “Trip to Tabuk (Photos)

  1. Interesting shots, mate. Is this the compound for Al Khaleej workers only? What was your impression of downtown Tabuk and how does it compare with Ha’il for you. I’m following your posts with interest. Good to read comments from a person who is taking an active interest in their surrounds and likes being where they are.

  2. Thanks! I’m not entirely sure, but the majority at least were Al-Khaleej. I only visited for the weekend, so didn’t see a lot of the city. They had a large Panda supermarket and several Western restaurants, including McDonald’s of course! It was a lot larger than Sakaka, but I guess a similar size to Ha’il, just without the scenic mountains that they have here. Tabuk is in a great location though, being very close to the Red Sea and Jordan. Glad to hear you like the blog – cheers!

  3. Great blog Nigel… thanks! Am thinking of accepting a contract with Al Khaleej and Tabuk is one of the places. Thanks for all the info 🙂

    • Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback! I highly recommend working with Al Khaleej, especially in Tabuk where they have a particularly nice compound. Good luck! 🙂

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