Back from Libya

I returned to the UK yesterday, after finishing my three week adventure in Libya! Since I was travelling through London again, I was able to enjoy spending some more time with Brian before heading up to Durham. We visited Westfield mall again and Brian introduced me to a gourmet burger restaurant, where we had the most amazing garlic mayo burgers!

I had a really interesting time in Libya and it was a great experience. Although most of my time there was spent working, I still managed to find some time to visit some of the local sites, including the famous Leptis Magna with my Libyan friend from Durham. Be sure to check out the photos posted here.

I managed to finish on time the exercise book I was assigned to write and the company was extremely pleased with the quality of the work. In fact, they were so pleased that they would like me to come back and work for them full time! I look forward to accepting the job. The contract would be for at least six months, with the chance to stay on if I wish.

In the meantime, I will be finishing off my final year at Durham University, with exams in May and then graduation scheduled for July 2nd.  I look forward to coming back to America in the summer, and spending lots of time with the family before starting work again in Libya, sometime in August or September.


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