Off to Libya Soon!

I just got an offer only two days ago to work in Libya over the Easter vacation!

I have accepted and will be flying next Thursday and then staying for about three weeks (March 18th – April 9th).

I have been asked to help develop some English teaching material, which will eventually be used by English tutors in Libya, including myself if I am offered a position there for after graduation.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to gain some work experience. In addition, they have paid for the flights and are providing the accommodation, as well as paying me 200 pounds a week. I will also have the evenings and weekends off! So all in all it is a very good package!

I am very excited about it and also a little nervous – since my performance during the three weeks will have a large impact on the kind of position I receive after graduation.

I shall keep in touch from there and hopefully take lots of photos to document the whole experience.


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