About NigelofArabia.com

Welcome to Nigel of Arabia’s site!

I’m very excited to introduce to you my very own site! Here you can learn more about my travels around the world as well as read about my current interests and keep up to date with my latest adventures. Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions – your feedback is greatly appreciated. Also, if you wish to receive any new posts by email, you can subscribe to my blog using the box in the sidebar.

Thank you for visiting!

2 responses to “About NigelofArabia.com

  1. Hi Nigel, I have signed up to your blog at last and am very impressed with it. It will take me some time to read everything but I sure am looking forward to it. I love to hear about other cultures and see the pictures and everything else that goes with it. I miss you in Bible class especially on Sunday mornings as there aren’t many of us. Hoping you are keeping well and that things are going well for you. Cheers, Diane.

  2. Hello,
    Mr Nigel.

    You may not know me. But I am Dhayyan from pale school. Do you remember me? You were my English teacher in Grade-3. I know it’s not today but I know a few days ago it was your birthday so I would like to say Happy birthday. Nowadays we have an English sir named Mr Pelser.
    He is from South Africa and studied in Cambridge University. Anyways I hope I you see this. Have a good day.

    Your sincerely,
    Dhayyan LYIS

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