Moving soon…

The company I work for is concluding its contract with Al-Jouf University and so all teachers based in Sakaka, including myself, will be transferred to other projects within Saudi Arabia. The move is set to come at the end of this month, in time to begin elsewhere from September. It’s not certain yet where everyone will be placed. There is a good chance I may be posted in Riyadh, but apparently most of the native English speakers will be transferred to a project based in Ha’il, a city  about 300km south-east of Sakaka. I have marked Ha’il red on the following map:

Saudi Arabia Map Ha'il

I shall be sure to keep you posted on any new developments!

2 responses to “Moving soon…

  1. Looks very interesting.  I hope the move is a smooth one for you, wherever you end up going. lots of love, mum

  2. I hope you will be safe wherever you are.

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